Recommended Topics

Recommended Topics

Topics for the Seminar for paper / poster presentation include (but are not limited to) the following

Delivering an inclusive Digital student Learning experience

a) Learning Management System (LMS)
* b) Virtual Classrooms, Flipped Classrooms
c) Blended learning, Situated learning
d) Need Assessment and e-learning Acceptance
e) Pedagogy of e-learning and Relevant Models
f) Collaborative online learning
g) Virtual reality

Online Self Learning- the future of distance learning

a) Resource mapping
b) e- Learning Materials
c) Open Education Resources (OERs)
d) Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
e) Mobile Learning (M-Learning)
f) Internet Radio and Interactive TV Channels
g) Industry collaboration using technology

Enabling robust back end by Online Admission, Assessment, Evaluation and Certification

a) Online Admission and related architecture
b) Formative, Summative and Process Assessment
c) Continuous and Term End Evaluation
d) Online Certification (Digital Degrees)
e) Analytics and artificial intelligence for distance education
f) Paperless processes and utilizing cloud
g) Leveraging Social media
h) Best Practices

Managing the student Life Cycle in the Emerging Digital Environment

a) Online Counselling: Pre-admission and Post-admission
b) Digital Grievance Redressal Management
c) Digital Student Support Services
d) Digital Mapping of Learners and Resource Utilization
e) e-Educational Administration
f) Virtual University Frameworks
g) Training, Competency and Skill Development through Digital Learning Environment
h) Institutional capacities to support digital learning
i) Existing policy environment in India vis-a-vis digital learning initiatives